As a house cleaning service in San Francisco, we often get asked this question. At face value, hiring an individual to clean your house may seem like a good idea. However taking a closer look, you may re-consider your options. While all you may need to do when dealing with an individual may be supplying the cleaning products and paying the cleaner, you will undoubtedly get shocked when you come to the realization of the legalities and taxes involved when hiring independent contractor or employees. This will ultimately incur extra cost, despite your effort to be economical. To avoid the hassle, hiring a cleaning company will definitely be a better option.

American Housecleaning Co. Inc. is a house cleaning maid service based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hundreds of Bay area residents choose American Housecleaning over an individual cleaner and also over other cleaning companies. One benefit to you is the employees cleaning your home will be well taken care of in terms of benefits and taxes: you don't need to worry about them a bit.

Unlike an individual, American Housecleaning maids are professionals. The tools for the trade are available, and the staff well trained. The cleaning products and supplies are provided by American Housecleaning so that will be off your chest and not an expense that you need to incur. Better still, the health of your family is put into account, as the cleaning products used are Eco-friendly. 

American Housecleaning has been in business since 1986. We are experienced in the cleaning sector and have served many satisfied clients. As a flexible cleanign service, they pride ourselves into fiting in your schedule. American Housecleaning pays attention to detail, and goes about their cleaning very carefully. Attention is paid to challenging areas, and cleaning is all round, from the carpets, windows and the house too. An individual may not be as thorough, and may not know how to go about cleaning some challenging areas.

In case of breakage, damage, or theft, the company will take responsibility as it is has liability insurance. The owner will not incur any losses, unlike when an individual employee is involved.

American Housecleaning is licensed. They are trusted and will not let you down. Customer satisfaction is treasured and they will go out of their way to deliver beyond your expectations. If you think that they did not clean up as agreed upon, or as expected, inform them, and they will re-do the problematic areas, free of charge within 24 hours! An individual will not see you as a client, thus may not provide efficient services. 

American Housecleaning has the same team cleaning your house every time. This makes them very accountable to its clients. The company will ensure that every person on the team not only does their part well, but also is accountable for the safety of the items your house. 

Did we mention affordability? American Housecleaning is incredibly affordable, and better still, offers you discounts. Every time you refer a customer to American Housecleaning, you get a $25 discount on your succeeding cleaning. New customers are currently eligible for offers up to $ 50 for the first five cleanings. What more can you ask for? Contact us to day to schedule a cleaning., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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