Hiring a house cleaning service for your home is something you should take very seriously because this is one process that requires a lot of considerations. Besides, there are laws about employment, safety issues, quality service and many other things that you should also consider before hiring cleaners for your home. Outlined below are some things that should be forefront as you make your hiring decisions.

1. Tax Issues

You might be required to sign up for an Employer ID number with IRS, If you are hiring an independent house cleaner. You will also pay Medicare , Social Security and Federal Unemployment Tax. Your Personal Tax liability might also include Federal Income Tax withholding, disability taxes where applicable and state taxes. Lack of tax payment will definitely lead to penalties and fines, so consider this as you hire a cleaning service vs. a professioal company.

2. Liability Insurance 

When you hire a house cleaning service like American Housecleaning, you can rest assured that our company has Liability insurance. Should anything happen like theft or a broken item, we have this covered and you do not need to worry about it. 

3. References

It is your right to ask for references from the cleaning service’s past clients to help you make a more informed decision. Remember, no company is likely to give you a past dissatisfied customer as a reference so talk to these references and if there are dissatisfied ones, find out the reasons for their dissatisfaction and make a better decision. 

4. Are They Trained Professionals

Ensure that your cleaners are professionally trained and will perform a quality cleaning job. Remember not everybody knows how to clean a home and in most cases training is required. Some cleaning services have been known to train their employees first before sending them out to work which is recommended as in the case with American Housecleaning. Employees should know how to clean different kinds of surfaces to avoid disasters and the cleaning service should have some kind of grading system to rank their employees after training. The service should give you proof that their cleaners are qualified to clean a home so you can be assured of a quality job. A check list of what they need to do for example shows that they are trained and have a process in place for properly cleaning a home. 

5. Years in Business

As many people know, most businesses fail within the first 5 years. When a company has been in business over 5 years that means they are doing something right. We have been cleaning the homes of San Francisco Bay Area residents for over 26 years and counting. If our service was not top notch, there is no way we would have made it this long. 

Observing the above precautions when hiring a cleaning service will help you not only get a good quality service and enjoy a clean home for years to come. For house cleaning services in San Francisco, contact us today to schedule an appointment., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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