written by American House Cleaning

It is extremely important to hire a maid service in San Jose that is operating above board. This service should pay its employees through legal avenues. You should not be asked to pay cash for the service and the company should be willing to provide you with a receipt if you request one. If you hire a cleaning service under the table you are taking some serious risks.

While you may think that paying your cleaning service under the table is saving you money, you may be setting yourself up for some serious trouble down the road. When you hire a maid service that is fully licensed, bonded and insured, you can relax, knowing that everyone is fully protected.

You may wonder exactly what the risks of paying your maid under the table are. We can name a few:

1. If the cleaner is working for cash under the table, they are not covered by Workers’ Compensation and may sue you if they are unable to work for some reason.  They can try to sue you for the money needed to cover their medical and living expenses while they are unable to work. This can easily add up to a lot of money. Your house insurance will most likely not cover you in this case because you were paying someone illegally.

2. A person that you hire to work for cash may not be very good at the job. They may do house cleaning simply for the money, but they are not qualified to ensure that the work is done at a proper standard and that everything is sanitary. A professional cleaning company like American Housecleaning has fully trained cleaning staff that can do an excellent job of cleaning your home according to a very high standard.

3. Hiring someone to work for cash instead of a professional maid service in San Jose means that you are taking a chance that items may be stolen from you. A professional company will make certain that their employees are bondable which means that they have had a criminal background check and can legally work in this country. When you have people working in your home you want to know that they are trustworthy and that your belongings are safe.

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning service, you should hire American HouseCleaning. We service San Jose, CA, San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Altos, Palo Alto and the surrounding areas. Our cleaning company employs professionally trained cleaners who are well aware of what it takes to clean your home to a high standard.