written by American HouseCleaning

As a house cleaning company in San Mateo  and the surrounding areas, we get asked this question a lot. A company buys property or casualty insurance for its own financial protection.  For example, a company purchases fire insurance to cover its building and other assets from fire, earthquake, floods and similar occurrences.  In case of fire, the company will be indemnified by the insurance company for financial losses.  The proceeds will then enable the company to pay for repairs of damaged property or to even purchase new equipment to replace the damaged ones.    

A house cleaning company in San Mateo, American HouseCleaning, goes one step further by getting liability insurance coverage.  With this policy, the insurance company will indemnify clients of the cleaning company for damages suffered by the course of cleaning work.  It also provides financial protection to anyone for injuries caused by company vans as it travels from its office to service a client. Companies purchase this type of insurance coverage because they know that the cleaning business can carry more risks than generic or standard risks carried by other businesses.  

The liability insurance is beneficial for both the house cleaning company and their clients.  Having this insurance means that there is no need to worry about having to pay for inadvertent damages or injuries caused to its clients or to the general public.  For you the client, the liability insurance coverage means that you can easily collect for damages you resulted while your property was undergoing cleaning service.   

The liability insurance coverage should give you peace of mind.  The fact that an insurance company is willing to undertake the liability of the house cleaning company means that it recognizes the company’s standards for quality and safety in the performance of its work.    Insurance companies generally would not cover individuals or companies which have higher risks.  When dealing with cleaning companies, insurance companies would like to ascertain that their clients adhere to safety standards.  Hence the perennial issuance and renewal of liability insurance for this San Mateo house cleaning company is a vote of confidence for its safety standards, 

When you are looking for a house cleaning company, you may want to check their accreditation with safety and licensing bureaus.  Federal and state regulations set safety standards for companies to comply.  These are not indications that the company has gone the extra mile in raising the bar for safety.  A better indication may be to see how much coverage for liability insurance the company has.  If the company has purchased a rather comprehensive coverage – and the insurance company has underwritten it, then the company has set high standards for its cleaning services.    

American HouseCleaning has liability insurance for its financial protection, but also so that their clients will have peace of mind knowing that an insurance company has underwritten its liability.   


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