written by American HouseCleaning

Stainless steel is one material that certainly lives up to its name.  Its ability to stay clean and appear shiny makes it a favorite of homeowners especially for kitchens and bathrooms.  However, if not properly cared for, stainless steel can corrode and rust.  Therefore, it is still important to know how to clean your stainless steel fixtures.  AmericanHouseCleaning.com, a house cleaning company in San Mateo, recommends four different ways to clean stainless steel.  These four methods differ in terms of the difficulty.        


Water and cloth.  For small amounts of dirt or routine cleaning, cleaning stainless steel with plain water and wiping it dry with a cloth is the easiest and least risky cleaning method for the bathroom or toilet fixtures.  Plain water will do the job.  No need for filtered or distilled water.  It is important not to forget to dry off the stainless steel top because minerals in water can leave unsightly stains on stainless steel.  We recommend microfiber cleaning cloths as these absorb water well and won’t corrode the surface.

Warm water and mild detergent.  For a more thorough cleaning, you can use mild detergent and warm water.  You can put a few drops of mild dish soap in a sink filled with warm water or you can apply a drop of dish soap directly on a microfiber cloth.  Soak the cloth in warm water to create suds and then wipe the cloth across the soiled portion of the stainless steel sink.  After you remove the dirt, rinse the sink with water and thoroughly wipe the area to remove it of excess water.        

Glass cleaners.  One of the most common stain marks on stainless steel is fingerprints.  Unfortunately, water and detergent aren’t ideal to wipe away fingerprints.  We recommend that you use commercial glass cleaner for this task.  For the best (and most economical) result, spray directly on a piece of microfiber cloth and then wipe directly on the stainless steel area in a circular motion to remove the fingerprints.  You may have to repeat the procedure until the fingerprints disappear.  Then rinse with water and wipe dry.

Note:  Even with glass cleaners, removing fingerprint marks can be tedious.  If fingerprints are a common occurrence in your house, you may consider installing a new type of stainless steel finish that is fingerprint-resistant.   

Stainless steel cleaners.   There are cases in which stainless steel countertops have “impossible” marks or scratches.  For such cases, a commercial stainless steel cleaner is recommended.  Not only do these commercial cleaners remove stains and minimize scratches, they also polish the surface. Be sure to follow the directions carefully.  Also, do not forget to rinse the surface and wipe with a towel after cleaning with a stainless steel cleaner.         

It can be difficult to clean stainless steel fixtures, but luckily AmericanHouseCleaning.com, a house cleaning company in San Mateo, has plenty of tips to help you clean your stainless steel surfaces properly.  Knowing the proper way to clean will help keep your stainless steel fixtures beautiful and shiny for years to come.