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Cleaning your house is an important activity. A clean and tidy home is presentable and hygienic. It is best that you maintain a regular cleaning schedule. You can approach the task of cleaning your house just like a day job. There are tasks that simply have to be done every day, while others can be done less frequently. A maid service in San Francisco, AmericanHouseCleaning.com, advises that you identify tasks as daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Kitchen and Dining Room. The rule of thumb is the more frequent the usage, the more regular the cleaning. Take the case of the kitchen and dining room for example. You prepare and cook food in the kitchen several times a day. It’s generally the same for a dining room. Thus, you must do some cleaning after every use. In the kitchen, you must clean the appliances and the utensils used after each meal. For the dining room, you should clean and set the table for the next meal. You don’t have to clean the kitchen sink after every meal, but be sure it is spick-and-span before bedtime.

Now here are the less frequent tasks: You can sweep or mop the kitchen and dining room floor just once a week. Once a week, you should give your kitchen appliances fridge and sink a thorough scrubbing. As for your fridge, be sure to check it once in a while to see if you have spoiled food that is taking up space in the fridge. The best time to do this is before you do your grocery shopping.

Bathroom. Like the kitchen and dining room, you use the bathroom every day. But you want to keep it clean for a different reason. You wouldn’t want to take a shower or bath in a messy bathroom would you? Your towels and toiletries should be put away at all times. Try to keep the bathroom floor, sink and shower as dry as possible because mold loves to grow in a damp environment.

Do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom at least once a week. It would also be good if you could sweep or mop the bathroom floor at least once a week. You must also have a new set of towels at least once a week to avoid spreading germs.

Bedroom and Living Room. Unlike the other rooms, you do not have to clean these rooms every day. For your daily chores, just make sure that things like books, shoes, gadgets, etc. are put away in their proper place. Not only does arranging them make your room presentable; it will save you time when trying to locate these items. Generally you only need to sweep and vacuum (if necessary) your bedroom and living room once a week.

If you have children or pets, your bedroom and living room might require more cleaning. It should probably be a daily chore to pick up clutter and clean up after your children and/or pets. You can also teach your children to help you by picking up their clutter and cleaning their rooms.

General Cleaning. AmericanHouseCleaning.com, a maid service provider in the San Francisco area, recommends that you also undertake a general cleaning of your house once a month. You may do it yourself or choose to hire a professional cleaning service. A professional cleaning service might be the best choice, after all they are trained to do an excellent job.

Always remember to identify the daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning tasks. By doing this, you will have a presentable home at all times.


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