Real Estate Cleaning

How is the Move In/Move Out cleaning service different from regular cleanings?

Homes and apartments can often gather years of dust left by previous tenants. We have to oftentimes do a deep cleaning to ensure we get the years of accumulated grime off the property. This service usually takes longer and is more comprehensive as there is typically more dirt to battle. Thankfully we are highly experienced in this area and can handle even the most unkept of properties.

If you are moving we look forward to servicing you in the near future, whether you are looking for a maid service in San Jose, Palo Alto, or anywhere in the Bay area, we can help.


  • Complete cleaning of the kitchen cabinets In and & Out, stove, oven, refrigerator In & Out
  • Complete bathroom cleaning, shower, glass fixtures, scrub toilet and sinks
  • Laundry room, inside closets, pantry, will move appliances to clean behind and around it and much more